Frozen Fever (2015)

Frozen Fever (2015)

The Oscar winner, Frozen is one of the highest grossing films of all time worldwide and has enjoyed great success among young and old. It is therefore normal that the creators of the film conducted a new production of Frozen. Surprised by the excellent reception of the film, begins with a brainstorm that resulted in a short film.

However, almost unwittingly, Anna and Elsa, sisters princesses are the life of Frozen Fever. His argument is as follows: Elsa is planning a birthday party for Anna, but Elsa sick with a cold and the party will be in danger because of this. Olaf, Kristoff, among other characters, will help the ice queen in this new adventure that lasts about 7 minutes.

Frozen Fever also present a new song composers of Oscar winners for “Let it Go” which will surely get the same popularity as the song of the film. Frozen Fever is simply wonderful; we know that Elsa and Anna are simply the best. So this new adventure will bring surprises and lots of smiles, of course! All courtesy of our friend Olaf!! What are you waiting for? Now the frozen adventure can be delivered directly to your house and completely free!


IMPORTANT BEFORE PLAYING: The movie has an advertisement at the beginning that you can skip after 5 seconds by pressing the "SKIP AD" button, if you can not see leave us a comment.